David Lacopo

David Lacopo

The truth isn’t “OUT THERE”, the truth is within!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is David Lacopo and I am organizing this annual Tarot Reading International Festival to help break the misconceptions of Tarot and promote the personal use of Tarot for personal development, spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Throughout the years, I’ve had some incredible spiritual experiences: premonitions, communications with Divine Beings and leaving my physical body behind, reconnecting with my soul and reaching a state of pure bliss; also known as Enlightenment. These experiences have all been extremely powerful but have always remained random; I could have never requested a certain experience or communication to occur. In 2014, I received an unexpected gift in the mail after winning an online contest; my very first Tarot deck! "The Guardian Angel Tarot Cards". At first, I had no interest in Tarot, but as the weeks passed, my guides clearly revealed that Tarot was sent to me as a tool to communicate with the Spiritual Realm, at will!

Light & Love,
David Lacopo.

My Spiritual Path: http://livingwithinyourself.com/spiritual-path/
Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions: https://livingwithinyourself.com/spiritual-life-coach/

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